Poetry Month


I totally forgot that April is poetry month! Poems are beautiful pieces of art that throw out the conventions of traditional literature to make some very interesting manifestations of the human spirit. I have been taken with poetry since it was introduced to me when I was six—just in time for poem in your pocket day. Poetry can take so many forms, even the form of music. As such, for the rest of the month I hope to post a poem of the day. It may be a classic piece from an acclaimed poet or it may be a Bronx Girl original. It may even be a particularly prolific song. Either way half the month has gone by without us taking the time to appreciate a very particular kind of art that springs forth from our souls, in mid spring. Still, there is no time like the present to admire beauty and all that is good about life. So look for my poem of the day posts for the rest of the month, and tell me: what are some of your favorite poems? Feel free to comment below.

—Bronx Girl



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