Pregnancy Cravings.

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Wow! I am so overwhelmed with all the love I received from my last blog entry! I did not expect that at all! So thank you everyone!! You
made me even more excited to start writing this week’s!

I think I’ll talk about a little thing that may drive every pregnant woman crazy….. CRAVINGS! If you know me you know that if I crave anything it’s either spicy food (I’m totally addicted) or salty food. Very rarely do I crave anything sweet, unless it’s carrot cake or sour keys… Don’t get me started on those. So, at the beginning of my pregnancy all I wanted was fruit! I ate so much fruit that I felt like it was all that I was eating, I couldn’t stop. However, I thought to myself, this is an awesome craving! The food guide says I can eat as much fruit as I want so I may as well keep it up! Little did I know that fruit = sweet and further into pregnancy = serious sweet craving. My fruit craving was a build up to my new love for cookies, cake, and all things sweet. I knew at this point that changes needed to be made.. I was constantly thinking about baking pies, cookies, brownies etc. This is when I decided that finding a way to satisfy my craving in a healthy, no regret kind of way was extremely necessary if I wanted to keep my body healthy and fit.

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Pregnancy Cravings
Pregnancy Cravings

I searched Instagram for ideas on what I should bake. Finally I came across the perfect recipe to attack my craving and it was a success! I’ve already made it twice and my partner loves it as well which is great because the more he eats the less I eat which helps me out a lot. Its quick and easy with an extremely quick clean up. (I will post the recipe at the end) Another weird thing I found my self wanting to eat all the time is crackers with cheese and pickles on top. Seriously… what kind of craving is this!? I love cheese and crackers and I love pickles but all that together…. IS AMAZING! I’ve even been noticing that I’m seriously into bananas.. I do not like bananas.. but I guess I do now.

Pregnancy Eating
Pregnancy Eating

I could eat a peanut butter and banana sandwich every day! I believe that cravings are just a part of the pregnancy experience. I’m not sure if everyone goes through this but if you are remember that it is torture to deprive yourself (you will constantly think about it until you eat me) so treat yourself! Moderation is key so go and grab a slice of pizza or a brownie.. NO ONE is judging!

I know I’m starting to ramble on but I just want to say one more quick thing! Remember that YOU have full control of your happiness. If you are worried about the weight you have gained or if you feel like you are missing out on going out with friends, keep in mind that the weight gain is a safety blanket for the little one growing inside of you and when the baby is born you can always make sure you take time to go out with the girls and let loose! Who am I kidding, you really don’t have to wait until the baby is born.. get out there, have fun, go for lunch, DANCE! I tell this to myself everyday! Your friends and family will always be there for you! I would also like to encourage you if you are the partner, if this is your daughter who is pregnant, family or an amazing friend… tell her how beautiful she is, sometimes this can really go a long way and will always put a smile on her face:)

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Please share your thoughts and ideas on pregnancy cravings or two. Oh, and your favorite recipes! I would love to try them out.

Hope this week is amazing for everyone!

-Rebecca Forbes

Recipe from @rawspirations
1 1/2 cup walnuts
5-6 medjool dates
1/2 tsp vanilla powder
pinch himalayan salt
1tbs maple or rice malt syrup
2 tbs cacao powder
Blend all of these ingredients together until it becomes sticky, roll
them into balls (or whatever shape you like) and ENJOY!!



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