Questions For Blacks in the United States Military?

Sgt. La David JohnsonSgt. La David Johnson
Sgt. La David Johnson

The following piece is for Black in the United States military; whether you are in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guards.

How do you feel knowing that the Native Americans, the Japanese and even those off the mainland in Hawaii received an apology for the wickedness done against them by America before she even thought about apologizing for slavery? Even though the atrocities against your people were much worse and took place before most of the other atrocities, Blacks were the last to receive an apology. Does it make you feel like you are wasting blood on the battlefield for a nation that have taken every opportunity to make you feel less than a human?

Now Black soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines; a lot of people will tell you that you need to forget the past. I disagree, I say learn from the past so you can avoid the mistakes your ancestors made. Anyway, my real question for you is not about slavery nor the past, it is about the future, the very near future.

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Fast forward a few years. China and India continue to gobble up a large portion of the world’s supply of oil. America’s control of Iraq’s oil fields, oil from Saudi Arabia and her own offshore drilling are barely enough for her to get by. America needs and wants more oil so she sets her sights on Nigeria. Who knows what kind of false pretense they will use as an excuse to attack Nigeria. It is a majority Muslim country, so maybe they will say Nigeria is giving sanctuary to middle eastern terrorists.

Anyway you are on the Nigerian shores with your guns and bombs ready to shed blood for oil. You are thinking that these are the same shores from which your ancestors were snatched. The same shores from which those who sent you to fight had already robbed most of the natural resources such as diamond and gold. Then you look into the eyes of your people; the children, the women, the elderly and yes the men. You look at them and they look like you. You know your ancestors were taken from West Africa, thus there is a strong possibility that everyone of them is related to you.

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What will you do then Black men and Black women? Will you kill them for oil and say it is your job? Will you pretend that they are Iraqis and not African children like you? Will the thought of a hero’s welcome back in America tempt you to blow out the brains of little African babies?

Will you do the right thing or will you be like the buffalo soldiers slaughtering the Native American Indians?

“We stop being whores, stop doing floors. So bitch you could fight your own wars” – Ice Cube



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