Serena Williams: The media downplays Black intelligence.

Serena Williams
Serena Williams

Regardless of what the “his-story” books say, Black history started long before slavery. Black history has no time, it is timeless, it is infinite. It is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. Before it there was none, and after it there will be no more.

Serena Williams has reached the pinnacle of women’s tennis. Despite all her wonderful accomplishments in tennis, her 21 grand slam single titles, not to mention the doubles titles she and her sister Venus Williams won together, Serena feels like she has been slighted. She sees what she considers a blatant disrespect from the white mainstream media.

Serena discusses how the media always talk about how she overpowers her opponents even though most of the time she is not hitting the ball as hard as she can. Yet, they never mention anything about the strategies that she employs in her game to outwit and outsmart her opponents. Serena went on to say how frustrating it is that she never gets any credit for her mental abilities.

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Serena should not be surprised by this. The fact is, a lot of the mainstream writers’ ancestors used to breed Serena’s ancestors to be big, strong and fast while at the same time slaughtering the ones who were intelligent. So maybe, it is just difficult for these writers to believe that after all that, there are still intelligent Black people.

It is not just Serena. As many wins as Tony Dungy had as an NFL coach, as many coaches that came from under his tutelage and went on to have great success like Lovie Smith and Mike Tomlin, you will never hear the analysts on ESPN, FOX or CBS refer to Dungy as a genius like they do for someone like a Bill “Belicheat” Belichick.

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This downplaying of Black intelligence is not by accident, it is by design and if Black people are not careful, they can easily fall for this evil plot.



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