Why do Black people keep their white names?

Smith, Smith, Chin, Krisha and Smith
Smith, Smith, Chin, Krisha and Smith

A name does much more than identify the person, a name can also identify a person’s ethnicity. If you were going to meet people you never met before but you were told that their names were Mr. Chang, Mr. Chin and Miss Wong; you could be almost certain you were going to meet people of Asian descent. Likewise if you were going to meet Mr. Suarez, Mr, Garcia and Miss Gonzalez; you would probably be meeting people of Hispanic descent. What about Rajkumar, Gupta or Ramakrishnan? Guess their ethnicity.

However, if you were going to meet Mr. Harris, Mr. Smith or Miss White; you would have no idea who to expect. That is because while Harris, Smith and White are European names, they are also popular last names for Black people. During slavery, slaves were given the last names of the slave owner in order to show ownership. For some reason, Blacks have chosen to not only keep the names of their former owners after slavery was abolished but they have continue to pass these names down to their offsprings. Is that a form of mental slavery or what? That is the ultimate sign of Black refusing to free themselves.

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It is a known fact, that Blacks in the western hemisphere are from West Africa. That is where the slaves were taken from. For example, it is a know fact that Africans in Jamaica are from Ghana with a significant number of them from the Ashanti tribe. With this knowledge one has to wonder why Blacks have never changed their names to west African last names. The Chinese, the Indian and every other ethnicity in the west can be identified by their last names except for Blacks. While they should be Mr. Abiodun, Mr. Chiemeka or Mr. Efemena; Blacks are running around as Mr. Lewis, Mr. Brown and Mr. Hewitt. Are Blacks just too lazy to do something as simple as reverting to their own names? Or is it that they are in love with these Christian names they were given. Surely one could be named Mrs. Funanya and still worship Jesus Christ.

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If Blacks really care about freedom there should be some kind of movement for mass name changes for Africans scattered in the West. Maybe, however, Blacks don’t want to be independent of whites. Maybe they think and say they do but subconsciously they enjoy being owned by whites.



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