Why Hillary Clinton is Unfit for Presidency

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

I know this very intelligent veteran of the United States Army who served for 10 years, who upon hearing the announcement that Hillary Clinton is campaigning to be the Democratic nominee for President, sent a mass e-mail sharing his thoughts on Hillary Clinton. While the words below are not mine, knowing this person, I know that if he was moved enough to send this to the few people he knows, then he should not limit his message. Also, the President of the United States is not called the Commander in Chief for nothing. In the United States Constitution outlining the powers of the President, it explicitly states that the president is the Commander-in-Chief of the military. If the military does not support her and she hasn’t even gotten the seat then why should we? The gentleman who wrote this makes some interesting points, so I implore you to read this and generate a discussion; because, at the end of the day we have to live with whoever wins the election next year.

I just wanted to send some info about Hillary Clinton, who will officially announce her campaign for president today. I don’t usually mass email people about my political thoughts but I feel it necessary in this case.

Hillary was investigated for her role in the Travelgate scandal during her husband’s first term, where tenured employees of the White House travel office were terminated so friends of the Clintons could take the jobs. While Bill was exonerated of wrong doing federal investigators believed Hillary intentionally mislead them and gave false statements. She was not charged due to lack of evidence.

During the Whitewater scandal, discrepancies in the legal fees charged to Jim McDougal by the Rose Law Firm were uncovered. The McDougals were friends of the Clintons and were involved in a failed real estate development deal, eventually being convicted of tax fraud. Hillary was a partner at Rose and handled all the McDougals’ legal work herself. While First Lady she was subpoenaed and forced to testify before a federal grand jury. Additionally both Clintons were investors in Whitewater.

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In Sep 2000, despite later claiming they were broke, the Clintons purchased a $1.5 million home in Chappaqua, NY. This was done to establish NY residency for Hillary who was running for US Senate. Neither Clinton had any ties to New York. Longtime democratic senator Daniel Moynihan was retiring and the likelihood of a democratic replacement being elected was considered highly probable. In short, Hillary ran for the senate in NY because it was an easily winnable seat.

While running for senate in 2000 Hillary campaigned in the Hasidic Jewish town of New Square in Rockland County. The town leadership endorsed her. Before leaving office in Jan 2001 Bill Clinton pardoned 4 Hasidic Jewish town elders from New Square, all of whom had been convicted of defrauding the federal government of $30 million.

Despite current media claims of Hillary being a lifelong public servant she has held only one elected office: Junior senator from New York. She served 8 yrs (or 1 1/3 terms) before resigning.

In 4 yrs as Secretary of State under President Obama, Hillary Clinton has overseen a weak, unfocused state department that has allowed Isis and Boko Harem to thrive and expand while Russia forcefully annexed a part of the Ukraine. The most notable event to occur during Hillary’s term was the terrorist attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya which killed 4 people including our ambassador to Libya. Hillary later made false, undocumented claims as to the nature of the attack then gave dismissive answers to Congress when questioned about the attack.

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In 2008, while campaigning for the democratic nomination for president, Hillary blatantly lied when claiming to have dodged sniper fire while visiting troops in Tuzla, Bosnia while First Lady in 1996. After being confronted by the media she claimed to have “misremembered”. I was deployed to Bosnia as part of Task Force Eagle in support of Operation Joint Endeavor from Jan until Dec 1996. I remember Hillary and Chelsea Clinton’s visit. I take personal exception to Hillary’s lie. Her story impugned the service of the men and women deployed to Bosnia by implying our security, which was tightest at Tuzla since it was headquarters, was lax enough to allow the first lady’s life to be in danger.

Hillary Clinton has been embroiled in 3 major scandals: 2 while her husband was president and one while serving as Secretary of State. She has lied to both federal investigators and the American public on numerous occasions. She is a political opportunist that is being called a lifelong public servant despite spending only 12 of her 67 years in public office.

Hillary is likely to be unchallenged for the democratic nomination in 2016, thus making her the democratic nominee for president. I just ask that come Election Day 2016 you remember this information about her.



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