An Ode to My Mother and Me

Roses and Lilies
Roses and Lilies

I was born in late spring
On the day of the Water Lilies
On a day of mourning and regret
But Christened rebirth as others wept

Christ Energy sprung me
A Lily of the Valley
The color of wet pearls
A reflection of her

I was named water, earth, and air
And born in time to face the flames
The raw and uncut gem of a gem
That will never fade away

Yin and Yang, we complete each other
There couldn’t be me without her
Can’t you see it in my eyes?
Yin and Yang, the circle of life

Mother and child we shine so bright
She may not understand me
I may not understand her
But we understand each other

We are one in the same
Flesh and bone and DNA
You may not always see it in my display
But we are eternal and everlasting

We are timelessly bound together
I am yours and you are mine forever
True love from the beginning to the end
May her showers continue to bloom this flower

Happy Mothers Day!!!

—Bronx Girl



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