A white male will not be president again in our lifetime.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton
President Obama and Hillary Clinton

President Barack Obama broke a trend that we will never see again for a very long time. Before president Obama, every American president was a White male. Starting with Obama, there will not be another white male President; at least not in our lifetime.

When Obama finishes his term, Hillary Clinton will become the first female president. If she does a great or good job and stays in good health, she will win a second term for a total of 8 years in office.

After Hilary Clinton’s 8 years, Hispanics will be the majority in the United States, especially with normalized relations with Cuba, and they will want their slice of white house pie. While we can’t single out a person right now, there is absolutely no doubt that after Hillary Clinton; the next president will be a Hispanic. Not only are the Hispanics quickly becoming the majority in the United States but their economic influence is also growing rapidly. As a matter of fact, don’t be surprise if the president after Hillary Clinton, is the child of a modern day pilgrim otherwise known as an illegal immigrant.

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Then take into consideration that other ethnicities are also growing population wise and financially. It won’t be long before Asians, Indians and Middle Easterners start flexing their political muscles. Donald Trump would say that we already have one, but can you imagine America with its first Muslim President?

As America gets more diverse and tolerant, every ethnicity and sex will get their chance in the white house. The white male quota is all used up. In fact, if America gets another white male president in the next 100 years, he will be gay.



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  1. This is not a very well researched or thought out article. For example, Hillary Clinton is either barely leading Senator Sanders in Iowa or losing to him in New Hampshire. Bernie Sanders has played to crowds of up to 28,000 people and to avoid embarrassment Hillary Clinton does not give large campaign speeches.

    Next, you assume that the millions of people that are classified as minority in the U.S. are all eligible voters. They are not. While demographics are changing the demographics are not adding many new minority voters. Plus many Latinos who come to the United States vote Republican because of abortion and anti-gay issues.

    Next a life time is 70 to 75 years. If each President from now until 2090 were to have two terms there would be at least 7 more Presidents. I am sure that at least one or two men would win. You should stick to reggae.

    • Don’t get tricked by the media hype my friend. Of course the media will try to boost up Sanders. They have to make it seems like Hillary Clinton has some real competition for the sake of ratings. On the Republican side they are getting all the ratings they need from Donald Trump, however, the Democratic side has been fairly boring. Making Sanders look like he has a chance makes things more interesting and their ratings will go up.

      Did you see who they introduce as the hot item on the Independent side? Deez Nuts. Read this: http://www.18karatreggae.com/2015/08/20/deez-nuts-for-president-2016/

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