Affirmative Action is Necessary.

Affirmative Action in the workplace
Affirmative Action

There is a lot of talk about affirmative action; it’s unfair, it’s reverse discrimination, it does not pick the best man/woman for the job and the list goes on. The problem with opponents of affirmative action is that they never offer any viable solution. They never explain a way how they would try to prevent discrimination against minorities if laws are not in place to protect them. It is almost as if they want people to believe that racism and sexism no longer exists and everyone is guaranteed to be treated fairly in the workplace.

Affirmative action was put in place to protect all minorities, not just Blacks. For some reason when the topic comes up, Blacks are always in the center of the discussion, even thought the ones that benefits the most from affirmative action are White females.

We all know that in life it is far easier to breakdown than it is to build up, it is easier to fall than it is to climb. Imagine the energy it takes to climb and get to the top of a tree, yet if you wanted to get back to the ground, you could just let go and fall. You may suffer a few broken bones, but you would be back on the ground none the less. That is the way it is in everything you do in life. So when you have been breaking something down something for hundred of years, how easy would you expect the task of building it back up to be?

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Let’s say affirmative action ended today, does that mean that Tomorrow if a minority is the best qualified for a position opening, they would be hired into that position? Maybe they would, maybe they wouldn’t; it all depends on who was conducting the hiring process. One thing is for certain, the “good old boys” network is still alive and well, and as long as it is, there needa to be laws in place to protect those who do not fit into the network. What is so good about the good old boys anyway?

Opponents of affirmative action also like to mention how it is no longer necessary because things have changed so much, yet many in corporate America will readily admit that the glass ceiling still exists. The are golf courses in America that Tiger Woods is not allowed to play on. Imagine if the people who play on these golf courses were responsible for staffing a company? Not many minorities would stand a chance of getting in the door, much less growing in the company.

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So opponents of affirmative action should first offer a viable alternate solution. That whole talk about the best person will get the job is crap. There was a study done by Duke University that shows that 92 percent of job listings in the New York Times and other major publications were already taken by the time they were listed. The listing was merely a formality. You know who got these jobs? People who knew people on the inside, not the person with the best skill sets. Now imagine a highly intelligent and well skilled person living in the Flatbush or Bed-Stuy sections of Brooklyn, New York; what are the chances he knows people in some Manhattan high rise who work on Wall Street?

“In this world we live together but divided by your chalk lines” – Scarface



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