Creation versus Evolution: Body versus Mind.


I believe in creation and I believe in the almighty. I often wonder, however, why did God create the physical man, yet the mind of man had to go through an evolution process and continue to go through an evolution process even today. God is omniscient, so he always knew about the laws of physics, mathematics and all the sciences that allow us to be living in this highly technical world we are living in. Yet it took thousands of years before God gave man the knowledge to build some of the things we take for granted today, such as engine driven transportation. Not only did God wait thousands of years to give man this knowledge, but he gave man the knowledge in phases. First it was the wheel, then the cart, then the car, the the airplane, then the spaceship etc.

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So why did God give man knowledge in piece parts? Is it because God knew that once men had too much knowledge they would use it to destroy themselves? Did he know that once he get them pass the wheel to where they were able to make automobiles then global warming would follow shortly after? Surely after Adam and Eve were driven out of the garden and man started to scatter all over the earth, God knew it was possible for them to communicate via a telephone, yet this knowledge of the telephone was kept hidden from man for many thousand years.

We can only wonder what other knowledge will be revealed to man as time goes on. While only a fool would believe that man evolved from monkeys since monkeys are still here today, I think common sense will tell us that our minds have been evolving since the beginning of time and continue to evolve today.

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“God and Nature first made us first what we are, and out of our own creative Genius we make ourselves what we want to be. Follow always that great law. Let God and the sky be our limit, and eternity our measurement.
There is no height to which you cannot climb without the active intelligence of your own mind. Mind creates, and as much as we desire in nature we can have through the creation of our own minds.” – Marcus Garvey

Have you ever wondered why an omniscient God never gave man all the knowledge man have today right at creation?



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