Did God intentionally meant for man to Sin?

Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve

Oral Roberts, a world-famous televangelist once said in his sermon that, “it was never God’s intention that Adam and Eve disobey His commandment.” Although God allowed the serpent to tempt the couple with the shiny apple, it was not his intention for them to sin by eating of the forbidden tree. Most Christians agree with Oral Roberts.

What if Adam had not sinned? If Adam had not sinned, we would all be living in a giant Garden of Eden to this very day. We would be in perfect health, there would be no sorrow, we would have pleasure twenty-four hours a day, we would never die, we would be happy and God too would be happy.

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Imagine that every person that was conceived was birthed and no one died. The population would keep growing on this sphere we know as earth. Everyone just running around in the Garden of Eden, naked. Always reproducing, never out with the old, just in with the new. The world would be so populated there would not be room to lie down.

What would we be doing? Nothing, all day every day. Jobs would not be needed; no buildings and that’s good because humans need the room. We would stand around or run around looking at each others naked bodies, having sex and making babies. How fun would it be had Adam and Eve not bit the apple.

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God gave men choice but God is omniscient, so he knew the choice that Adam and Eve would make when presented with the apple, he allow the serpent to present them with the apple anyway. So if God did not intend for man to sin, he still knew even before he created man, that man would sin.



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