Donald Trump is a coke head.

Donald Trump the coke head
Donald Trump the coke head

Have you watched both presidential debates and wondered why Donald Trump is always sniffling into the mic? Well, according to Star Wars actress, Carrie Fisher, who is herself a former coke head and has a lot of experience on coke sniffing, Donald Trump’s sniffling is because he is snorting coke before the debates.

Carrie Fisher was watching the debate and tweeting throughout the night when a fan tweeted to her, “Tell me something about that sniffle…coke head or no?” At which Carrie responded, “I’m an expert & ABSOLUTELY.”

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Of course Carrie’s revelation is not shocking as most people who saw the first debate thought the Republican nominee was snorting coke.

Many celebrities use cocaine or some other form of drugs to relax them especially when they are going to face a large audience. Apart from maybe the late Marion Barry, however, we have never heard of a politician snorting coke before a political debate. then again, we have never heard of a presidential nominee going around grabbing women pussies. Donald Trump is a one in a million.



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