Would Jamaica be better off as a U.S. territory?

United States and Jamaica
United States and Jamaica

A few years ago there was a discussion on whether or not Jamaica would be better off if it was still under British rule. Surprisingly enough, many Jamaicans thought the island would be in much better shape if it was still a British colony. At the time I thought what a shame that someone could actually think like that, what low self-esteem.

Fast forward a few years and the same question are being asked except this time, it is what if Jamaica was a United States territory.

It is difficult to say whether or not Jamaica would be better off as a U.S. territory, after all, look at the Southside of Chicago or certain places in New Orleans, they are U.S. territories but not too many people are crazy about living there. Even moving away from the U.S. mainland, quality of life in U.S. territories like St. Croix in the Virgin Island or Puerto Rico is not better than life in Jamaica.

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So Jamaica might not be better off as a U.S. Territory but it might as well be one.

Jamaica living is not much different than living in America these days. Jamaica has better weather and the U.S. has better crime solving techniques.

I used to tell Jamaicans living in the United States to stop buying things and packing them in barrel to send to Jamaica. Instead they should send the money to Jamaica so their relatives could spend it in Jamaican and make the money circulate on the island. Nowadays, however, if you send money to Jamaica, it will be spent on American products anyway, so there is not a big difference between sending a barrel and sending money. Gone are the days when people would buy material and take it to a tailor or a dressmaker to get their clothes made. Today, most Jamaican wear clothes that are American brand. The same is true with food, if you go to a MegaMart in Jamaica, you might as well be in a Walmart in America. That is how much American culture has permeated Jamaica.

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Marijuana legalization was being discussed on a talk recently when it was said that the only reason marijuana was illegal in Jamaica and took so long to be decriminalized is because the U.S. wanted it that way.
So if the U.S. influence and culture is so pervasive in Jamaica, why not let the island be a U.S. territory? Especially if it means the social programs in the U.S. such as social security, unemployment, Medicaid and Medicare would also be afforded to Jamaican citizens, well they would be U.S. citizens then so I should say people living in Jamaica.



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