Republican Party Sucks, says Rand Paul.

Rand Paul
Rand Paul

Presidential candidate Rand Paul is claiming that he is a different kind of Republican. one who doesn’t suck like the rest of them.

The Kentucky senator wrote that the tension he has tried to soothe between the GOP and people of color is deep and complicated, but ultimately salvageable. That is if Republicans recognize that, admit it and make this minority outreach a priority.

“My Republican Party, the Republican Party I hope to lead to the White House, is willing to change,” Paul wrote in his third book,

Paul puts the blame on the Republican Party’s image, which he says is “broken” and scares away minority voters even though they should be attracted to the GOP.

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“Right now, the Republican party sucks. I promised Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, that I would stop saying the GOP sucks, and I will, except for this last time,” Paul writes. “I believe the Republican Party and minorities have common ground.”

Paul has made outreach to traditionally Democratic constituencies a cornerstone of both his contrast with his Republican rivals and of his potential general election argument.

“It boggles my mind to think that somehow Republicans have been branded as a party that doesn’t like the environment,” he said, pointing to avowed conservationist Republicans like Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

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Paul also details his history planting trees and flowers at his house in Bowling Green, Kentucky and his childhood home in Lake Jackson, Texas. Some trees he has planted in Bowling Green are now 40-feet tall, according to the candidate.

“I’m a crunchy conservative and a tree hugger and proud of it,” Paul writes.



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