Saint Patrick’s Day: Is there anything good about the Catholic Church?

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day: What are the good things about the Catholic Church?

Of all the people who celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, it is probably safe to say that most don’t even know who St. Patrick was or even why there is a celebration. If they did, the main part of their celebration would not consist of consuming alcoholic beverages.

It can be derived from the “Saint” in Patrick’s name that he was a Roman Catholic. Not only that, but he played a major role in establishing the Roman Catholic Church across Ireland. According to Rev. John Trigilio:

Patrick traveled from town to town, tearing down idols and temples and establishing the Catholic Church. By AD 444, the primatial see and first cathedral of Ireland were built in Armagh.

He baptized, confirmed, and ordained priests, and he erected schools and monasteries. Thousands came into the Church under his direction.

That sounds like a great accomplishment for Saint Patrick but only for those who see the Catholic Church as something good.

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A great way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day would be for Catholics to teach the children of the world what is so good about the Catholic Church. Right now, many non-catholics see the Catholic Church as pure evil. When many people think of the pope, the first thing that comes to mind is probably Anthony B’s lyrics:

Fire pon Rome

Fi Pope Paul and him scissors and comb

Black people want go home

Mount Zion a the righteous throne

For others, they may think back to when Mussolini was invading Ethiopia; the then pope would bless the bombs that were used to murder innocent Ethiopian children, women and elderly.

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Then not too long ago, we know that the catholic priests, who refuse or are not allowed to make any sexual advances on the catholic nuns, were quick to sexually assault little boys.

Obviously there is more to the Catholic Church than popes blessing bombs to kill the innocent and priests raping boys. So while we celebrate this great Catholic saint, Patrick, would the real Catholics stand up and teach us about the goodness of the Catholic Church?



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