They are not illegal immigrants; they are modern day pilgrims.

Modern day pilgrims
Modern day pilgrims

People are not “illegal”, they can perform “illegal” activities and be guilty of such but no person is “illegal”. Therefore, let’s show some respect and stop referring to modern days pilgrims as illegal immigrants.

So you think the modern day pilgrims are taking away American jobs and driving down American wages? Maybe a little bit, but not to the extent that is being portrayed in the media. Suffice to say, an Employer can save some money by hiring modern day pilgrims instead of Americans. But do you think the pay difference between a Pilgrim and an American picking oranges and cutting lawns is that great of a difference? Employers might realize great savings depending on the volume of pilgrims they hire, but at the individual level, the difference between what an American would be paid and what the pilgrim is paid is minute.

Outsourcing and H1B visas are really what is taking away American jobs and driving down American wages. Highly skilled jobs that would demand a six figure salary in the United States are being outsourced to India, China and other places for a fraction of the cost. Take the Information Technology sector for example; for what it would cost to hire one American software engineer, corporations can hire three or more programmers via outsourcing or on H1B visas.

So why is all the attention on the modern day pilgrims especially Mexicans? They are a threat to the American status-qua, that’s why. With outsourcing, the jobs go overseas the workers don’t come to the United States. With the modern day pilgrims however, they are in the country and some end up having children in the country. Children of the modern day pilgrims are automatically U.S citizens just because they are born in the country. Once these children reach 18 years of age, the pilgrim parents could return to their original country and then have their American citizen children file for them to come back legally. In the case of the Mexicans, not only does this threaten the white majority in America, but it can also cause some of the red States to go blue in say twenty years from now.

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So when you see the tea party huffing and puffing about closing the borders for security reasons and protecting the American workers, don’t believe the hype. That is just the guise they are operating under. Their real mission is to make sure that Hispanics do not become the majority too soon. Why is the tea party not concerned with the American jobs going overseas or the threat that outsourcing could pose? In today’s world where technology and network connectivity is the order of the day, outsourcing is just as dangerous if not more dangerous than a broken border.

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By the way, as the title of this post suggests, stop calling these people illegal immigrants, they are the modern day pilgrims.



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