The Classic Racist Response.

We’ve all heard it, one time or another. When a bigot is called out; he or she goes straight to this one cliched response: “I’m not Racist, I have a Black Friend”. As if black people are monolith and one automatically represents the whole.

The problem with this argument is that it fails to speak to the essence of racism and what it really means to be a bigot. Having an Asian wife, doesn’t mean you love, respect or appreciate all Asian people; it simply mean, you like that one individual you’ve made your wife. You will need to go much further i.e what have you done to move issues that affects Asians forward. Do you debunked negative stereotypes aimed at Jews or Asians or laugh about them?

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It’s not enough to say I’m not racist and in the same breath support a candidate for president who has all the way emboldened all forms of bigotry (Nazism, Racism, Tribalism, Sexism etc). It’s not what you say, it’s what you do consistently.

When you are truly not racist, your one black friend is not just there to be used as a token for your photo-ops and fake proof you’re exclusivity. When you’re not racist more so if you’re in a position of power; you must self-interrogate the ways your actions and ideas impact the lives of millions of people with different ethnic backgrounds that you don’t happen to know.

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Let’s Get all the way Real consistency matters; you can’t flip flop on this issue. People who aren’t racist don’t naturally default to speaking of their black friends when challenged; they point to their contributions towards dismantling the system of racism and bigotry.

Here’s an example of the “Classic Racist Response” as I call it!

Kayla Moore, wife of disgraced Alabama Senate Candidate, Roy Moore during a campaign event decides to explain how racist her and husband are not Racist. (see video below)



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