Rasta is now like Christians; just blending in the crowd.

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Zac Efron
Zac Efron

Like yarmulkes identify Jewish males and hijabs identify Muslim females, there was a time when dreadlocks identified Rasta males and females. Those days are gone. If you are still equating dreadlocks to Rasta, you will mistake celebrity Zac Efron for a Rasta.

Today dreadlocks have more to do with fashion than it has to do with spirituality. Look across professional sports from football, basketball and even soccer; there are so many dreadlocks but chances are only a minute amount, if any at all would identify themselves as Rastafarians.

Rastafarians used to be outstanding in that you could see them and know them. Today, however, they just blend into the crowd the same way Christians do; chanting the same psalms from the same bible. For you to know if someone is a Christian, you must ask them and the same is true for Rastafarians.

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Rasta have dreadlocks but so do some Christians. Rasta smoke marijuana but so do 52% of the world population over 18 years of age. Rastafarians used to be freedom fighter but they no longer are. In fact, some of the world’s most famous Rasta are supporters of apartheid and proudly beat their chests in telling you that they are.

Rastafarianss got their dreadlocks wearing idea from the Mau Mau warriors but it seems everyone is now taking the dreadlocks wearing idea from the Rastafarians.

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So when you see a person with dreadlocks, do not assume that he or she is a Rasta, there is a greater chance of that person having the same religion as you or that person could also be an atheist.



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