Reggae Music is not dead.


Anyone who says that real reggae music coming out of Jamaica is a thing of the past, will want to listen to the new album, JAHBIRTH, from the reggae crooner, Mr. Bertus.

It has long been said that reggae music is being dominated by her offspring dancehall or by reggae artistes and bands outside of Jamaica.

The album JAHBIRTH proves that not only is reggae music alive and well, but it is as beautiful as it was in the 80s and 90s. The showcases the hits songs, the “Wicked dem a come” and the album title track, JAHBIRTH.

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“It is great to see that the effort is being made to preserve real reggae especially coming from out of Jamaica,” said Kaya Digital, the CEO of AGoodMusic Enterprise (AGE).

The album other great well produced songs like “Tears of reggae”, “Reckless life” and “We won’t stray”
Apart from the album, Mr. Bertus is also enjoying great success with the song, “They have no love”, which many reggae fans are saying is the top reggae song of 2018. The song is a collobaration between Mr. Bertus and reggae superstar I-Wayne.

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JAHBIRTH is now available on iTunes and Amazon.



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