Reggae Music is not dead.

Reggae Music
Reggae Music

Recently it has become popular to criticize the music coming out of Jamaica. Dancehall is locked up in prison with Vybz Kartel was a sentiment often echoed by Gaza fans but now even the great Buju Banton has joined the chorus, claiming that when he left for prison, Kartel was running the genre and when he returned 10 years later, despite being incarcerated, the world boss was still running dancehall.

Not it is one thing to criticize Dancehall Music but there are those that are starting to include reggae in that “the music is dead” both. For those who say that about Reggae Music, we would tell them like Teddy Bruckshot said in the movie Shottas, “Yuh gone too far man, yuh gone too far.”

The truth about Reggae Music is; it is the heartbeat of every living thing, it is the drumbeat coming from the root of Africa, it was always here, it is still here and it will always be here. Before Reggae there was no music and after Reggae there will be no music.

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There are also those who say that Reggae Music is not dead but instead has left Jamaica. The claim is that Reggae is now dominated by bands in the United States such as Stick Figures, Rebelution and others.

Anyone who says that Reggae Music is dead of there is no real Reggae coming out of Jamaica need to listen to the new album 18 Karat Reggae presents Mr Bertus.

Mr. Bertus proves that not only is Reggae Music alive and well, but it is as beautiful as it was in the 80s and 90s. The album starts off with a tribute to Desmond Dekker and Peter Tosh with a song called “Ganja for life”. Ganja for life is actually a remake of Dekker’s “Israelites” but the lyrics are changed to emulate Tosh’s marijuana classic “Legalize It”.

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After the tribute to the foundation who paved with the way for Mr. Bertus, he then dived into his own creativity with beautiful songs like “Jah make the mountains” and “The wicked dem a come.”

“It is great to see that the effort is being made to preserve real Reggae Music, especially coming from out of Jamaica,” said Kaya Digital, the vice president of 18 Karat Reggae.

18 Karat Reggae presents Mr. Bertus is available on iTunes and Amazon .



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