Where would Reggae Music be without Bob Marley?

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Bob Marley
Bob Marley

When you think about Jamaica, reggae music is primarily the first thing that comes to your mind. One of the world’s best known reggae artist is Bob Marley who incorporated his music into his religion. Bob Marley spread the word of Rastafari with the combination of his music. He was able to changed Rastafarianism all over the world.

Excellent and Perfect Contribution in the Music Industry

For more than two decades after his death, huge numbers of recordings of Bob Marley are still selling from different parts of the world. He has already become an uncanny presence and immortal. Across the planet, his permanently and plain youthful expression looks out from hats, badges, posters and walls. His voice talks back to indifference with all complex rhetoric and insolent style of rebels captured in the revolutionary process, exploitation and power. That’s unchanging face and perspective now represents a godly and iconic embodiment of the universal struggle for human rights, peace and justice.

A combination of factors contributed to an immediate popularity of Bob Marley. First of all, his timing is excellent and perfect. There was a social and political unrest in Jamaica and the people are searching for someone who could give them hope. Also on that time, the music industry is in need of something vibrant, fresh and new that can give boost. His stardom makes sense in the cultural and historical context provided by music. He was even the last rock star and even the first figure of a new phase that highlights the beginning of a world of music.

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Honest, Unique and Earthy Sound of Music

Bob Marley has a unique style, earthy sound and honest message in all the songs and music he is singing. This is also combined with his positive energy and fresh perspective which made him unforgettable until today. With the greatest contribution that he had shared to all the people not only in Jamaica but to all the people from different parts of the world, musical analyst cannot imagine a world without Bob Marley. They cannot picture Jamaica as a peaceful and progressive country today without the world of music that Bob Marley had shared.

Reggae Will Not Exist without Bob Marley’s Presence

This is the reason why most of the people are asking if where reggae would be if there was no Bob Marley. Reggae would not be possible without the existence of Bob Marley in the music industry. Without the effort and unique perspective of Bob Marley, reggae music will not be able to familiarize in the music industry today. Despite of the fact that Bob Marley just wanted to heal and be an essential solution to the issues that Jamaica is facing, but still he was able to contribute a lot in the music industry.

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With the immense popularity of reggae music all over the world, it is not surprising to know that more and more music lovers are already making use of reggae music in some of their compositions. They are already been using this as part of their daily life and they are making use of Bob Marley as their greatest inspiration on their music. This is just a manifestation that reggae music will not be possible without the help and contribution made by Bob Marley.



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  1. It’s disturbing to read a text about Bob who passed away some 30+ years ago in a mix of past and present tense. The text is incoherent.

    Like most of the shit they post here anyway…

  2. Perfect. Spot on. Jamaica has many music genres and none of them have gone international except Reggae. Well thought out article.

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