Can Homosexuals go to heaven?

Homosexuals in Heaven
Homosexuals in Heaven

The bible clearly states that homosexuality is a sin and sinners cannot enter into heaven. However, men have decided to pick and choose what parts of the bible can be taken literally and what parts cannot.

Even Christians are now saying that those who embrace the homosexual lifestyle can live in harmony with biblical Christianity and enter the kingdom of heaven. Even the pope now agrees that homosexuality is no longer a sin. Of course with all the homosexual acts committed by catholic priests, the pope’s stance should not be surprising.

Regardless of the acceptance of homosexuality in today’s society, it is difficult to believe that homosexuals can actually get to heaven unless they convert to heterosexuality.

We are taught to believe that in heaven there is an abundance of joy and we know from experience that one of the greatest joys is sex. So it is safe to say that there will be a lot of sex in heaven. It is difficult to fathom that God would allow two men to be having sex together on his holy grounds.

So while homosexuality is no longer illegal in many countries, it is still sin. If sinners cannot enter the gates of heaven then it is safe to say that homosexuals cannot enter the gates of heaven.



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