Does celebrities like Rihanna have to sacrifice something for their success?


By Terrie

What a sad tale. Rihanna is just one of 1000s of women who’ve been programmed to believe they’re superior because they look a certain way, and are too stupid/morally devoid to ask questions. The dollar bill is the only thing meaning anything and/or justifying her worth.

Despite her voice and how her face and body looks, she is a whore.

Unfortunately in hell the VIP pass works in reverse.

I pray for the celebrities, and truly hope that before it’s too late, a few will wake from hypnotic money-obsessed trance they’re in and have the courage to speak out about the filthy, disgusting Hollywood business, about what the pedophile Satan-worshippers require from “future stars” before they can make it big.

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Just one person who did this would save MILLIONS of our kids from uncertain eternities. I will continue to pray this happens, and encourage the rest of you to do so as well. If just for the kids, who haven’t been brainwashed yet, and still have the faith which most of us have unfortunately lost from years of brainwashing about the Bible/Christianity not being true. Just do it for the kids.

God bless you all in these end times.



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