Rasta movement got corrupted by 2nd generation Rastas.

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The following is written by Isaiah Sellassie and does not necessarily reflect the views of 18 Karat Reggae.

It is worth noting never has Rasta tried to claim it Reggae. Ska, blue beat and rock steady existed before, but the music described as reggae characteristically originates from the Wailers after their adoption of the Ras Tafari faith. More particularly, reggae differs from earlier Jamaican music forms by importing from the Nyahbinghi the rhythm that came to be called “one drop”.

The Rastafari tradition was born from persons who believed in the divinity of Emperor Haile Sellassie First, and had no other god besides, before or after, above or below. The ‘Jah’ doctrine itself is a corruption brought in by the 2nd generation Rastas. A whole heap of utter nonsense has been masquerading as Rastafari in the name of this ‘Jah’. Bob Marley propagated this godhead heavily, along with makeshift homilies, folk proverbs, plenty of quotes from the KJV and such. His own faith continued to strengthen and evolve as he was both sincere and serious, such that in his later years he was coming around to a traditional Rastafari doctrine, and away from the Jah doctrine.

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In short, there are many who repeat Bob Marley’s words, and/or attempt to adopt his mode of speech, in the false understanding that it makes then appear Rastafarian, that it is a Rastafarian thing to do. For them especially I wish to point out that at no time had the Rastafari appointed Bob Marley to be their leader, spokesman or representative. Indeed, it would be an error to assume all the Rastafari are fans of reggae, when in fact some are fierce critics and many others are indifferent tolerantly.

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  1. This is utter nonsense!! Where does this site get it’s information?! Anyone claiming to be descendants of H.I.M. (Who by the way, was flattered by the title, but did not see himself as such) would know that “Jah” was/is another term for God.

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