Sexy girl
Sexy Girl

My cousin got himself in some trouble when we were both in our late teenage years going into our early twenties. He got arrested as a result and spent a couple years locked up. His father, my uncle, was adamant that my cousin was not coming back to his house when he got out of prison.

After my cousin’s release from prison, he came to live with us, where he and I shared two rooms in my parent’s basement. Early one evening my cousin’s girlfriend call the house but my cousin was not there. I told her he was not home and she could call back later. Not everyone had cell phones back then. She began telling me how her mom and dad were on a couple’s get-away for the weekend and she was looking forward to having the house just for her and my cousin for the night. I then told her I had no idea when my cousin would be back but I would have him call her when he returned. Out of the blue she asked me why don’t I come over.

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I could not believe what I was hearing. I knew what she was asking was wrong, down and dirty. It was bad for her to be attempting to cheat. It would even be worse for me to take her up on her offer. But I guess I was young, dumb and filled with cum so I told her, “OK, I will come”.

I took a shower and walk to the bus stop so I could catch a bus to go to her house. Maybe it was God giving me time to think, because for some reason I was at the bus stop waiting for about a hour and a bus did not come. The whole time waiting, I was thinking whether to be loyal to my cousin or betray him for some sex. I did not want to be disloyal to a family member but I think at that age, my immaturity and lack of self discipline was just too much for me. I kept waiting for the bus.



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