Do women put bags over men face too?

bag face men
Bag face man

When men sit around and talk about women who may not be too pleasing to the eye, they say things like, “I would put a bag over her face and hit that”; or as Jamaicans would say, “bag di face”.

So do women do the same thing when discussing men? Do women say things like, “he is not all that but I would put a bag over his face and give him some”?

Remember when the actress, Julia Roberts was young and hot and she got married to country singer Lyle Lovett? Many people thought at the time, that she maybe bagging his face in the bedroom. After all, how could he get a lady like that.

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What about these rich, old and wrinkle men who marry young attractive women? We know the women marry them for financial reasons, but do these women bah their face when they get to the bedroom?

Ladies, have you ever put a bag over a man face before giving him some?

Men, has a lady ever let you wear a bag over your face before hitting it?



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