Happy Valentines Day: Don’t throw it all away.

Valentines Day
Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day to all you beautiful empresses, queens and princesses out there. I hope your Valentines Day will be more than just Cupid and his arrows, more than just chocolate and roses and more than love songs and lingerie. I hope your Valentines days will be more than just going through the motions but your heart and your house will be filled with real love.

There is an American company that is giving away free divorces for Valentine’s Day. Can you believe that? The reasoning behind that is, if you are in an unhappy relationship they want to help you get out of it. They want to free you up if you will, so you can spread your wings, fly and find that happiness and joy that awaits you somewhere over the rainbow.

Interestingly enough, while I heard of free divorces I have not heard of any free relationship counseling. Are relationships not worth fighting for anymore? Where have all the Hillary Clintons gone? Remember how our next president and the first female president, Hillary Clinton, stuck by Bill Clinton, even though he was basically caught red handed with his private part in Monica Lewinsky’s mouth. Even though Monica’s dress was found to be drenched with Bill’s manly juice, Hillary stuck by her man.

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Are people not willing to stand by their spouses through the tough and rough times anymore? Have all the forgiving hearts grown stone cold? I never bought into the saying that “love means never to say you are sorry”. I think it should be “love means not constantly saying you are sorry again and again”. In our lifetime we will all make our fair share of mistakes. There will be times when we need to forgive; likewise there will be times when we need to be forgiven. Betrayal of trust is disrespectful, but true love should be able to overcome even infidelity in a relationship.

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So if you know you have true love but things aren’t running so smoothly right now, try and work it out. Don’t be afraid to say you are sorry when you are wrong and never ever feel like you are above saying “apology is accepted. Like a garden, a relationship takes a lot of work and tending to, if you want it to grow lovely and beautiful.

In America they say, “the grass is not always greener on the other side”, sometimes it is not even green at all. In Jamaica we say :the new broom sweeps clean but the old broom knows the corners”. KNOW THAT AND CHERISH THAT!




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