Man arrested for padlocking his wife’s vagina.

Cheating wife gets padlock on vagina
Cheating wife gets padlock on vagina

A California man in under arrest for assault and cruelty after forcing his wife to pierce her vagina in 10 different places and inserting padlocks in the holes.

Jose Ramirez was informed by neighbors that his wife Maria was bringing another man into their house while he was at work during the days.  Joseph came up from work early one day and caught his wife in the act.

According to the wife who is currently illegal in the country but in the process of applying for legal status, Jose forced her to the local tattooing parlor in order to pierce her genital.  He threatened to call immigration if she did not follow his order.  Afraid of deportation, Maria got 10 piercings in total, 5 in each labia.

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On their way home from the tattoo parlor, Jose stopped at a Wal-Mart and purchased 5 padlocks.  Before leaving for work the following day, he inserted all 5 padlocks in his wife labia and locked them.

Maria was afraid to do anything about it but after the told a friend, the friend called the police to report the crime.

Jose was picked up at his workplace and arrested.

Detective Alan Robinson of the LAPD said this is the first time he has seen something like this in his 15 years in law enforcement.

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“I have seen men do weird things like hiding in bushes in order to spy on their wife who they suspect of cheating but I have never seen a man put a lock on his wife’s vagina.”

Jose is being held without bail and will have his court appearance on Friday.



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