Why do straight American men love lesbians?

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Recently I was reading a blog post where a lady made a comment that there are no limits to what she would do to save her marriage. She said not only would she be willing to invite one of her girlfriends into her bedroom to keep her husband happy, but she would also take part in the action. Now I am not sure why any woman would want to subject herself to such act or even want to be with a man who would make such a request from her.

Then I remembered a song many years in which Diddy (formerly Puff Daddy) said:

“Turn a freak to a bisexual
and if she’s flexible, fuck the nigga next to you”

I always thought of such behavior to be from groupies at a rap or rock concert, not from a happily married woman. But I guess groupies at concerts sometimes go on to be wives and old habits do die hard.

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The thing that gets me is these behaviors seem not only to be condoned in America but it is encouraged. I heard of a story in Negril, Jamaica where an event organizer had to get on a stage and remind American spring breakers just where they were. Apparently these young college females on spring break thought it was alright for them to grind on each other and tongue kiss during a wet T-shirt contest. The other spring breakers in the audience were cheering them on, which means if it was in America it would have been perfectly normal. It’s a good thing the organizers reminded them where they were before things got out of hand.

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What I find most funny though, is that, in hip hop culture, which some accuse to be just as homophobic as dancehall reggae, an artist would be able to get away with a statement such as the one made by Diddy above. I think that also helps to prove that a lot of Americans, regardless of their stance on homosexuality, have no issue with a woman being intimate with another woman. Even the most homophobic men seems to be alright with lesbians, especially if they can get somewhere in the middle.



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  1. Girl on girl action is the purest form of original pleasure. Just that. No more, no less.
    So that u know!

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