Would you date your friend’s ex?

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Lauren Hill
Lauren Hill and Rohan Marley

A few years ago, Wycliffe Jean released his memoir in which he claimed that he was informed by Lauren Hill that he was the father of her first son. It was not anything shocking to hear. After all they were both members of the Fugees, so they both spent a lot of time together in the studio and on the road on tours.

Of course at that time, she was dating the son of Bob Marley, Rohan Marley. It was decided later that Rohan Marley was the father of her first son as well as her four children to follow.

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What came out during that whole hoopla, however, was the fact that it was Wycliffe Jean who hooked up Rohan and Lauren. In other words all three of them were friends. Wycliffe and Lauren had a casual sexual relationship and once that was over, Wycliffe passed on Lauren to Roan. That is kind of weird. Why would Rohan allow Wycliffe to hook him up with a girl when he Wycliffe used to have sexual relations with her? Did Wycliffe also give tips to Rohan? Did he tell him what Lauren’s favorite position is? Where to touch her to really get her off? Was Rohan waiting around hoping Wycliffe and Lauren relationship would end so he could get some of what is friend is getting?

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Lauran Hill is a very beautiful lady, there is no denying that. A friend giving another friend his hand-me- down is cool when talking about clothes or something material. A woman on the other hand, should be a no-no.

Would you date your friend’s ex?



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  1. Are you guys STUPID….How could he give her to him? She had to choose him…plus she made it very CLEAR in her songs that she was not in LOVE with wyclef and that it was just a phase she was going through at the time….To all y’all wyclef supporters, ask him why he broke now and hasn’t been heard from? Seems to me he would have been better off if he tried to keep Lauryn….maybe he would still have a career. ### Team Lauryn Hill ### I LOVE YOU LAURYN….ALWAYS HAVE….ALWAYS WILL!!!!!!#

  2. Why do u assume that Lauryn was just handed down to Rohan? Doesn’t she have a word or a will of her own? Can’t she decide for herself what she wants?

    Sexist, ignorant, chauvinistic pig of a writer!

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