Bill “Beli-cheat” Belichick calls emergency press conference to deny any wrong doing.

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick had a press conference today where he tried to convince the media that although he was guilty of spygate, he is completely innocent of deflate-gate. He said if there were changes to the balls it was done by the officials not by anyone on the New England staff.

“I am not a scientist, I am not an expert in football, I am not an expert in football measurement… I never had any intentions of compromising the integrity of the game,” said Beli-cheat. He stayed away from staying he is not an expert on cheating.

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When pressed during the question and answer session, however, Beli=cheat admits that they rub the ball to get the right texture and feel and they may have impacted the weight.

In his earlier interview this week it sounded like it was saying, if there was any cheating down it was Tom Brady not him. He has recanted that now it seems, as he is sure it is not anyone on his team’s staff.

The issue people are having is, whether or not Belichick would have admitted cheating during spygate had he not been caught red handed. So now the organization has been caught, but because no one saw them specifically deflating the balls, of course they wont take responsibility.



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