Bill Belicheat was up to his cheating ways again.

Before the New England Patriots got caught cheating they won three super bowls. After they got caught cheating they won zero super bowls. So a lot of people know that the only sure way for the Patriots to win a Super Bowl is to cheat. It seems like Bill Belichick also know this, to to get to the Super Bowl, he went back to his cheating ways in the AFC championships.

It turns out that 11 of the 12 footballs used in the AFC championship game were 2lbs psi under the required weight. So how did this help the Patriots? Well they know that the plan to do this, so they practice using a ball that is below the NFL guidelines. Obviously the Patriots practiced with balls that meet the NFL standards.

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So come game time, Tom Brady was using the balls that he was accustomed to practicing with. Andrew Luck on the other hand, had to play with balls that were two pounds less than he was used to throwing. Now wonder the Colts took such a thrashing from the Patriots. Good job Beli-cheat. YOU DID IT AGAIN!

So what will the NFL do? Will they fine Bill BeliCheat Belichick another half a million dollars and take away their first round draft picks? That is actually a slap on the wrist. What would be a good punishment is for the New England Patriots to have to forfeit the AFC title and allow the Colts to play the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX.

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What Bill Belicheat did is disgusting and it is really no different than athletes who take steroids.



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