Did Racist America push Serena Williams into wanting a bi-racial baby?

Serena Williams with husband and daughter
Serena Williams with husband and daughter

Serena Williams and Venus Williams, as great and successful as they are, have had to put up with a considerable amount of racism on the tennis circuit. Strong Black women domination a sport that is made up of predominantly whites did not go over very well for many whites.

Imagine a place like America that shouts “USA…… USA… USA…” every chance they get, would give up such a chance many times when Serena was on the court. Who can forget Serena’s first U.S. Open Grand slam when the crows was actually cheering for her Swedish opponent, Martina Hingis? That is America for you though.

It is equally difficult to forget the Indian Wells debacle where Serena was not only jeered but also called the ‘N’ word. Serena would later write the following in her autobiography about the tournament; “”All I could see was a sea of rich people, mostly older, mostly white, standing and booing lustily, like some kind of genteel lynch mob.” We have to hope that her fiancé does not have any white friends like the ones that were in this crowd and if he does then he better not invite them to their wedding. We would not want our beloved Serena going through and Indian Wells déjà vu all over again on her wedding day.

One has to wonder how much of this played a role in Serena’s psyche when she made her decision on the man she wanted to build her family with. Surely, she has dated many black men who would be considered studs by any measuring stick. She has been out with professional athletes as well as entertainers who were all at the top of their game while Serena was dating them, yet she did not build a family with any of them. Heck, if you take Serena word for it that she is true to her Jehovah Witness’ roots and does not believe in sex before marriage (she lowered the bar to no sex before engagement), she did not even have sex with them much less to even think of starting a family.

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So did all the disgusting comments Serena had to face and put up with play a role in her not wanting to bring a Black child in the world? In her psyche, would a bi-racial child me more beautiful and less exposed to racism?

Maybe the above did play a part but it makes perfect sense that it was all about finding love and timing for Serena.

She dated Common, Keyshawn Johnson. LaVar Harrington, Drake and many other top celebrities but for whatever the reason was, none of them put a ring on her finger. Then here comes Reddit cofounder, Alexis Ohanian, and he liked it and put a ring on it. Albeit not a wedding ring, but an engagement ring is a ring nonetheless.

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Also, look at when Serena got pregnant. Although in her Snapshot she wrote “20 weeks”, she has said that she lost her virginity and got pregnant during the Australian Open, which means she is a little less than 20 weeks. The fact that she got pregnant during the Australian Open might prove say something though, that Serena wanted to become the woman with the most grand slams before having a baby. It could also mean that she had plan all along that she would play until she is 35 and then have a baby.

So it is fair to say that Serena would have a baby for any man that she loves and respect and he showed her the same love and respect in return. As far as we know, Serena did not receive a marriage proposal and in return turned down any of the men she dated.

Alexis Ohanian liked it and put a ring on it, so he got himself a 35-year-old virgin and now she is having his baby.



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