Drug-tainted American athletes get ready to battle Jamaicans in Rio.

Usain Bolt vs Justin Gatlin
Usain Bolt vs Justin Gatlin

It is Summer Olympics time again. It is the time when Usain Bolt and his yellow-yam eating Jamaicans will face of against Justin Gatlin and his steroids ingesting Americans. It is the classic case of God’s creation versus man made substances. Nurtured by Nature will collide head on with cooked up in a laboratory.

Jamaicans know very well that what was cooked up in a laboratory can in no way come close to that which was cooked in Usain’s mother’s pot. If there are any Americans still in doubt, then Rio 2016 should fully convince them.

If you love God, you have to cheer for Usain Bolt in this Olympics, whether you are a Jamaican or not. If you embrace nature then Jamaica should be your favorite country in Rio, Brazil even if you are a red blooded, 2nd amendment loving, NRA card carrying, pizza eating, Budweiser drinking, football watching American.

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Justin Gatlin leads a trio of cheats that will try and stop the track and field lord and savior Usain Bolt from achieving the holy trinity, three gold medals in each of three consecutive Olympics, in three events. The three events being the 100M sprint, 200m sprint and the 4×100 relay.

While many athletes are banned from competing at the Olympics for cheating, two time violator, Justin Gatlin is not and he is the biggest threat to Usain Bolt in the 100m race.

In the 200m, Bolt is threatened by LaShawn Merritt, who was banned for 21 months for doping. Even more concerning is that Merritt has the fastest 200m time this year. So Bolt has steroids users all around trying to dethrone him, many are wondering if yellow yam can sand up to the test. Of course, Jamaicans know for sure that it can.

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Joining Gatlin and Merritt in the 4x100m relay will be Tyson Gay, another drug cheat. So if Bolt and his Jamaican warriors were hoping for any break, it is not happening. The United States Olympic team makes the Russian team look almost godly.

So this Olympics will not be easy for Usain Bolt and the Jamaicans but as God, nature and yellow-yam is my witness, they will be successful.



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