Hope Solo refuses to apologize to the Swedish women soccer team.

Hope Solo
Hope Solo

Hope Solo has refused to apologize to the Swedish women soccer team who she referred to as a bunch of cowards. Even after mass criticisms from media, fans, other players and even the International Olympic Committee (IOC); the outspoken and considered selfish by many, Solo, is stick to her guns.

The IOC spokesman Mark Adams said Solo’s comments were “very disappointing”, but there is nothing the IOC can do about it.

“People are free to say those things we wouldn’t stop their right to express themselves, within boundaries obviously.”

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He added: “Obviously things are said in the heat of the moment. Clearly passions run very, very high and sometimes people say things they regret.

“We would just call for people to treat their opponents with the sort of sportsmanship we expect at the Olympic Games.”

Solo railed against Sweden, marshalled by ex-USA coach Pia Sundhage, after Friday’s dramatic defeat on penalties ended the world champions’ bid for a fourth straight Olympic title.

“We played a bunch of cowards,” Solo said.

“The better team did not win today. I strongly believe that,” she continued.

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Most Americans were sickened by Hope Solo’s antics with many even saying she reminded them of Donald Trump. Some went as far as to say that she could be the illegitimate daughter of the Republican presidential candidate. Trump, however, has distance himself from Solo and went as far to say that he would be willing to take a DNA test to prove he is not Hope Solo’s father.



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