J.K. Rowling tells Serena Williams hater “You are an idiot”.

Serena Williams & J.K. Rowling
Serena Williams & J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling doesn’t need to cast any spells over social media trolls. The “Harry Potter” author’s quick wit will shut down the haters just fine!

J.K., a noted tennis fan, Tweeted her enthusiasm for Serena Williams’ sixth Wimbledon victory on Saturday, and fired a powerful backhand of her own toward a snarky commenter.

“I love her!” the novelist wrote of Serena Williams. “What an athlete, what a role model, what a woman!”

The tennis phenom’s Wimbledon win marks the second time she’s nabbed four consecutive majors titles, a feat dubbed the “Serena Slam.” Despite being arguably the greatest female player in her sport’s history, one sour Twitter user attributed Serena Williams’ success to being “built like a man.”

“Yeah, my husband looks just like this,” J.K. replied, including an image of Serena glammed up in a bodycon shift dress and sky-high Louboutins.

You’re an idiot,” she added.



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