LeSean McCoy is an uncle tom.

LeSean McCoy and Colin Kaepernick
LeSean McCoy and Colin Kaepernick

While brave heroes like Colin Kaepernick try to do their part in exposing police brutality against people of color, uncle toms like Lesean McCoy try and undermine their efforts.

Instead of joining Kaepernick and doing his part in shedding light on rampant police brutality, McCoy chooses to sell out his people in order to gain a “he is a good negro” label. What a shame and disgrace. Black men like McCoy are the reason why decades after slavery has been abolished, it is so difficult for Blacks as a whole to make real progress. These physically strong but mentally weak type of men are pathetic.

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McCoy brought police officers to the Bills versus 49ers game to try and counteract Colin Kaepernick’s protesting police brutality.

McCoy claimed the gesture wasn’t a direct response to Kaepernick’s kneeling protests. He added that he has no problem with his protest.

“Just an appreciation type of thing,” McCoy said. “Cause they’re taking so much heat right now. There’s things that are happening that’s definitely wrong but I just feel like there’s bad people, there’s bad cops and there’s good cops.”



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