Lolo Jones is still a virgin.

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Lolo Jones is still a virgin
Lolo Jones is still a virgin

Former Olympian Lolo Jones is known for being a hurdler, a bobsledder, and outside of sports, being a virgin. As part of her Christian faith, she decided long ago to maintain her virginity until marriage, which she’s spoken publicly about before.

According to Jones, the lack of sexual intimacy in her dating situations due her choice to wait until marriage has “ended a lot of relationships” and left her with her “heart broken a lot.” Guys hope they can change her mind or they hit the road because they don’t want to wait with her.

“When I tell them that, a lot of them either think I’m lying, so then they hang out and then they’re like, ‘Oh, she was telling the truth,’” she said.

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“Or there’s the ones that think it’s a challenge,” she added. “And then they realize, ‘Oh, literally I’m gonna have to marry her’ – and then they exit.”

But despite the downsides to her wait, her mind and heart are set on maintaining her virginity until after she says “I do.” And she’s sure that the first time, with her future husband, will be epic. Even if it’s not, she doesn’t think she will care.

“Well for me, it’s gonna be good, ’cause I don’t have a comparison,” she said.

Jones has spoken confidently in the past about why remaining a virgin is the best thing for her, outside of it being a part of her devout faith.

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“There are tons of statistics on how damaging porn, premarital sex and cohabiting are prior to marriage, completely unrelated to Christianity,” she said in 2015 while speaking out against the film Fifty Shades of Grey. “I believe that my desire to remain pure is perfectly in line with God’s best for my life. I know it will aid me in escaping deeper heartache than what could take place in my relationships. I also believe it eliminates the confusion that comes with being bonded, tied to multiple men while searching for The One.”



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