NBA players are taught to take home condoms after sex.

Derick Rose and girlfriend
Derick Rose and girlfriend

The NBA teaches its players to take home condoms after one-night stands so they leave no trace, New York Knicks player Derrick Rose said during his rape trial Tuesday.

He told a court that he had pocketed his condom after having what he claims was consensual group sex with two other men and a woman in 2013. She says they drugged and gang-raped her, and is suing them for $21.3million in damages.

‘In my profession they teach us to make sure you get the condom if you can’t flush it,’ the former Chicago Bulls player said, according to The Daily Beast. ‘It’s kind of normal with my profession.’

He told the court that after the sex act he placed the condom back in its wrapper and took it home – as he had been taught to do, he said, by the NBA’s ‘Rookie Transition Program’ in Orlando, Florida.

Rose, 28, claimed in what was the second day of his trial that his 2008 ‘classes on sex’ taught him ‘to be very careful what you do with your condoms.’

‘This girl wasn’t someone I was going to introduce to my family or my mom,’ he said.

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‘No way I was going to leave a condom anywhere around her apartment. I was trained to do it.’

His co-defendants, friend Ryan Allen and personal assistant Randall Hampton – who both deny the gang-rape claims – flushed their condoms away in her bathroom.

But Rose said he kept his because he ‘had it in (his) mind’ to take it home.

Waukeen McCoy, representing the defendant, who is identified only as Jane Doe, suggested that Rose kept the condom because he didn’t want anyone to know he was there.

Rose countered: ‘It was probably in my pocket because I didn’t want to be disrespectful.’

In her suit, Doe claims that Rose, Allen and Hampton drugged her drink after she visited Rose’s home.

She says she was helped home by a friend, but the next morning all three men entered her apartment and raped her while she was blacked out on tequila.

The woman says she did not take a pregnancy test or use a rape kit because she was ‘ashamed and embarrassed’.

‘She kept thinking that this was “not supposed to happen,”‘ legal documents claim.

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Rose’s team, however, claim that she had voluntarily had sex with Hampton and Rose while visiting Rose’s house, and later invited both men and Allen over to her place for sex.

They claim she was in control, and invited them to sleep with her one-by-one, with Rose having sex last.

Tuesday’s trial was rocky, with Rose’s attorney, Mark D Baute, complaining that he received three of Doe’s text messages too late.

They include a profane message the woman sent to Rose at 1:36am – after she left his home but before the alleged rape – in which she referred to him as ‘babe’ and asked why he didn’t have sex with the friend she brought to his house earlier.

US District Court Judge Michael W Fitzgerald blasted the plaintiff’s lawyer for being ‘unbelievably careless’ in producing exhibits, and said the gaffe could result in a mistrial or the case being thrown out.

Should it need to be retried, the case would go into the NBA’s next season.



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