Tom Brady makes locker room attendant scapegoat for deflate gate.

The NFL, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady joined in cahoots to pin deflate fate on a locker room attendant. They even went as far as to say they have a video tape of the incident. So first no one knew anything. Then the balls got deflated due to the weather conditions. Now it was deflated by a locker room attendant.

Let’s say they are telling us the truth and it was the locker room attendant who did it. Then someone must have instructed the attendant to carry out those actions. Surely this attendant did not take it upon himself to go and deflate Tom Brady’s balls, yet he left Andrew Lucks’s balls untouched. Someone in some kind of leadership or influential position must have said, “you know how Tom Brady likes the balls when it is cold”.

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So the NFL is trying to get an easy way out. With the gig money Super Bowl coming up, they don’t want to risk messing with the status qua. So as it stands, Bill Belicheat and Tom Brady will get off scotch free for their cheating ways. The only penalty they will have to pay is when Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, Pete Carroll and the rest of the Seattle Seahawks give them a beating in Super Bowl XLIX.



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