Usain Bolt, Bob Marley and Jamaican hypocrisy.

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Usain Bolt and Bob Marley
Usain Bolt and Bob Marley

Some high class Jamaicans are not very pleased with Usain Bolt’s extreme partying after the Olympics, especially his having fun with many young ladies.

Jamaica’s former Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, came out and publicly blasted Bolt for what he sees as the sprinter’s womanizing behavior.

“The reports are disturbing, and, if true, are far below what is expected of our most celebrated contemporary icon,” Golding said.

The former prime minister cannot be serious. A 30-year-old male partying and having fun with the ladies is below what is expected of a Jamaican icon? Before Usain Bolt, wasn’t Bob Marley Jamaica’s most celebrated and iconic son? Doesn’t Jamaica celebrate Bob Marley even more than she does her seven national heroes? Bolt in a bed with one girl and dancing with a few is nowhere near to Bob Marley when it comes to being a lady’s man. Someone needs to tell Bruce Golding to quit his hypocritical noise.

Golding went on to say:

“Hopefully, this will be a wake-up call for him. I know he is smart and responsible enough to understand that he carries on his shoulders and in his persona the pride and adulation of millions of Jamaicans here and abroad, and I know him well enough to assert that he would never want to let them down.”

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Really Mr. Golding? Bob Marley had 9 baby mothers that we know of. When he was impregnating 8 of those women, he was cheating on his wife. On the other hand, Bolt is not married nor does he have any children. Some might say cheating is cheating but common sense says cheating on one’s wife is far worse than cheating on a girlfriend. So if Bob Marley never let us down, why in the world would Bolt’s partying actions let us down?

The sad thing about Golding’s statements is that he is expressing the views of many Jamaicans. It could be more jealousy than anything else. Maybe the men who feel like Golding are feeling that way because they wish they were Bolt with his choice of almost any woman he wants. Maybe the women who are angry wish that it was them Bolt was dancing with or hugging while lying in bed.

Golding was correct, however, when he said that Bolt has not done enough to become a national hero. Of course running fast does not put you in the company of Marcus Garvey, Paul Bogle, Sam Sharpe, Nanny and George William Gordon. Although if Jamaica wanted to remove Norman Washington Manley or Alexander Bustamante to make place for Bolt, many would find no fault in that, even though a Dutty Boukman might be a far more deserving choice.

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Golding was also asked if he thought the Order of Jamaica which was awarded to Bold in 2009 was given too early, to which the former prime minister responded:

“This was 2009. By then he had twice broken the 100m and 200m, records and led the relay team to break the 4x100m record. He was being awarded honors by various international organizations. Should a prophet not be without honor save in his own country? And what honor should Jamaica have bestowed if not the Order of Jamaica.”

Now you are talking sense honorable former Prime minister. Let Bolt be honored in Jamaica, the Caribbean, Africa and the entire world. Judging from Usain Bolt’s actions, he is fit to be in Mr. Golding’s cabinet because we know who can never have a set in that cabinet.



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  2. Mi agree wid Gordon,wen yuh bcome a National figure in a positive way yuh haffi 2 maintain dat RESPECT. Instead of partying go show gd examples to di yut n help di needy.

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