Usain Bolt criticized for not speaking out more against doping.

When you are great, people hate you for no reason. Usain Bolt is not exempt from the haters but he is immune to the hatred as he just keeps rising and rising. When he is not being hated by Sean Paul’s wife, he is being hated by the rest of “uptown” Jamaica. When he is not being hated on by Justin Gatlin, he is being hated by Tyson Gay. Bolt has just earned himself another hater and it is not other than German discus thrower, Robert Harting.

According to the German, Harting, Usain Bolt has not spoken out enough about cheating in sports.

“I would ask Bolt why he does not go on the offensive, in any way, on the subject of doping,” Harting told a German Sport Magazine. “The best-known athlete in the world must join the current discussions and fight for a clean sport, especially since a lot of sprinters have tested positive steroids.”

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Robert Hartling made these ridiculous statements despite the fact that no other athlete has been as outspoken against doping like Usain Bolt.

When Tyson Gay was banned for only a year after testing positive for anabolic steroids, Bolt made it clear that he thought the penalty was not harsh enough and even went as far as saying that Gay should have been kicked out the sport for life.

“You have to drive fear into athletes, to make them think about the consequences of their actions. If they’re getting an easy penalty why would they care?” Bolt said at the time.

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In the video below, Bolt also made it clear that he agrees with banning an entire country from competition if too many of its athletes are testing positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED).

It is difficult to think of what more Bolt can do to speak out against doping; he has done more than any other athlete in this area.

At the end of the day, haters will hate and champions will rise. Usain Bolt keeps on rising.



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