The world is fixated on Usain Bolt vs Gatlin|What about Yohan Blake?

There’s much ado about Usain Bolt versus Justin Gatlin; not much talk about Usain Bolt versus  Yohan Blake who’s dubbed world’s second fastest man alive!

Why exactly it that? Why is a rivalry between Usain Bolt versus Yohan Blake, in fathomable? Well there are many things to consider: Bolt and Blake are Nation mates (Team Jamaica), They are extremely friendly, they are supportive of each other, brothers if you will.

Bolt is practically 30 years old now (old in the sports world), Blake 3 years his junior! Bolt has already said the games in Rio de Janeiro will be his last Olympics at which point Blake will no longer have to compete against the man who has dominated sprinting for the past eight years. One has to wonder though, is there some urge to defeat the worlds fastest man while he’s active? Is Blake prepared to wait for Bolt to retire out of respect, admiration of country loyalty?

On August 14, Blake will face off against Bolt once again in the men’s 100-meter final. It’ll be his last chance to challenge the world’s greatest sprinter on the Olympic stage …In 2013 Blake won the 100m in 9.69sec, a time that only Bolt has beaten. Bolt holds the world record at 9.58sec. thats pretty close…The moral of the story is, Blake is more likely to beat Bolt so why all this talk about just Bolt vs Gatlin as if the “Beast” isn’t in play?



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