My Rasta Scarf

Rasta Scarf
Rasta Scarf

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I was drawn to the colors not over standing the reason.
I designed a Rasta scarf for every season.
BLACK, RED, GOLD, and GREEN was my attire.
And I reppin them like a blaze of fire.
But, I’ve learned and I am learning that the meaning of these four colors I so humbly fashion are real, deep, and filled with passion.
I give thanks to almighty Jah my creator! We live. We learn. We apply.
Rastafari let I see why they’re not just beautiful colors put hear to amuse or satisfy.
RED expresses the blood shed throughout history for equal rights, unity, and community.
GOLD symbolizes the wealth of Africa/ Our Mother Land. The truth will always be true.
Even when the enemy tries to hide it from you.
GREEN represents the vegetation. The meditation.
And the hope for eradication of suppression.
BLACK demonstrates the color, culture, and strength of Our people!!!
Now when I’m dressed in my BLACK scarf trimmed in RED, GOLD, and GREEN
I stand proud because I have seen and I am seeing what they mean.
Each of these colors alone with no doubt can soar
But to get her they make a LION’S ROAR…. Empress Tiqoor

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