Bob Marley

Sizzla is accomplishing the impossible in Jamaica but we want more.

Imagine a murder ridden community in a murder ridden country going an entire year without one single murder. It might sound like a script from a Hollywood movie but it is not, this actually happened […]

Lovemaking songs

Top 30 lovemaking songs.

Do you like to listen to music when you are getting intimate with your significant other? We have compiled the top 30 lovemaking songs below. Add them to your lovemaking playlist and thank us later. […]

King Shango

The 🔥Fire Man🔥 CAPLETON

Capleton performs JAH JAH CITY @ His Imperial Majesty Emperor Sillasie 124TH ANNIVERSARY 🇯🇲12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL HEAD QUARTERS🇯🇲 FIRST NIGHT🇯🇲    


Bobo Ashante, Bobo Hill, Rasta Livity

If you know anything about Rasta, you know the saying… “In my house their are many mansions” … Likewise many tribes;  12 to be specific but let’s talk Bobo Ashanti Tribe (informerly referred to as […]