Buju Banton and Chronixx
Bob Marley

Have Jamaicans really become so stupid?

Has the country that gave the world Marcus Garvey, Dutty Boukman, Leonard Percival Howell and the Maroons of Jamaica really gotten so dumb over the years? Buju Banton’s first concert after his release from prison […]


Beenie Man skips Christmas & Celebrates Kwanzaa

Krystal Tomlinson, who is the spouse Jamaican Artist “Beenie Man”,  updated her Instagram page today with a photo of the family gathered around their Dining table that highlights a Kwanzaa Focus! With bright smiles Beenie […]

Donald Trump and Alexander Bustamante
donald trump

Jamaicans should be quiet about Donald Trump.

Many Jamaicans are outraged about the United States president-elect Donald Trump and are quick to show their disdain for a Trump’s presidency. Who can forget the treatment reggae artist, Etana, got when she came public […]