Range the Inward Rasta

Range Releases Inward Rasta Video And Explains The Concept Of The Song.

Singer Range on Wednesday released the video for her latest single Inward Rasta, which was premiered on 18 Karat Reggae. The catchy song was produced by KheilStone alongside Elroy McCormack of Full Rev Entertainment. Range […]

Bob Marley with Chris Blackwell and others
Bob Marley

Bob Marley was more Jewish than Rasta.

Saying that the world’s most famous Rasta was more Jewish than Rasta will not go over well with some people, especially with today’s so-called Rastas. The truth is, however, one can shout “JAH RASTAFARI” and […]

Donald Trump and Alexander Bustamante
donald trump

Jamaicans should be quiet about Donald Trump.

Many Jamaicans are outraged about the United States president-elect Donald Trump and are quick to show their disdain for a Trump’s presidency. Who can forget the treatment reggae artist, Etana, got when she came public […]

King Shango

The ????Fire Man???? CAPLETON

Capleton performs JAH JAH CITY @ His Imperial Majesty Emperor Sillasie 124TH ANNIVERSARY ????????12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL HEAD QUARTERS???????? FIRST NIGHT????????