Chronixx, Lorde, Ziggy Marley
2016 US Presidential Campaign

How do you separate the Real from the Fake?

The great Bob Marley once sung; “I can’t tell the woman from the man.” Today those words are still true as transgender and transsexuals have all but destroyed the line between male and female. What […]

Collie Buddz
Bob Marley

No Blacks allowed among Reggae top sellers.

White reggae artist, Collie Buddz, sits at the top of the reggae chart.  Rebelution, a white reggae group sits at number two.  White artists ruling the reggae chart is not just this week; it was […]

Vybz Kartel bleaching

7 Reasons Vybz Kartel bleached his skin.

People are always asking, how an intelligent man such as Vybz Kartel could bleach his skin. We know the reasons behind Vybz Kartel bleaching the skin and most of the reasons are true for most […]