Are you a Jamaican?

Jamaican ackee
Jamaican ackee

If you are a real Jamaican, I have a test for you.

What do you remember about the Jamaican Icon The Hon. Louise Bennett-Coverley?

She was affectionately called Miss Lou by Jamaicans at home and abroad.  I remember as a child I could not wait for Saturday evenings to watch ‘Ring Ding’.  We did not have a Television, but someone in our community did.  Everyone in the neighborhood would gather at this one house and watch Miss Lou on Saturday evenings.  Then as I got older I got turned on to her poetry.  One of her poems that I absolutely love was about a young man that went away to America, and came back years later, but all his years in America he did nothing to improve his life. 

Below is the first part of the poem.  If you are a true Jamaica you should be able to tell me the name of the poem or even post the rest of the poem…

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Mi glad fi si yu bwoy,
But Lawd yu let mi dung
Mi shame a yu so till
All mi proudness drop a grung



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