Dancehall Star, Bridgez, stabbed in the head in Kingston.

As the crime rate in Jamaica skyrockets out of control, even the local celebrities are learning that they are not immune from the rampant violence. Female dancehall star, Bridgez, is the latest to learn that lesson when her car was blocking in another driver as she stopped to purchase jerk chicken from a roadside vendor.

“I pulled up at the chicken stand and proceeded to park. A guy was trying to pull out but wanted me to reverse in the road… so I told him I wouldn’t go in the road and told him of another way how he could make his exit,” she told 18 Karat Reggae.

She said her suggestions apparently did not go down well as the man hurled insults at her and went back towards his car.

“By this time the vendor was already preparing my chicken as I waited in my car. I had completely forgotten about the man until I heard something break on my car,” she said.

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Bridgez said she exited her car to check what was going on and realised the man had returned with a knife and had broken the fog light on her car. He then proceeded to puncture her car tyres.

“I was shocked and began screaming at him. He was crazy. The next thing I knew I got a blow to my head and fell. I thought he had hit me in the head but it was actually a stab. Thankfully, the handle of the knife broke when he was attacking my car or else he would have probably killed me, ” she said.

Her attacker was subsequently apprehended by a licensed firearm holder on the scene, who held him until the police arrived.

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She was taken to Andrews Memorial Hospital by the police and was treated for the head injury and a dislocated collar bone.

“I did absolutely nothing to deserve this. I am still in shock. It is really sad. Some of the nation’s men are vicious animals and they don’t wear a particular face, as this man wore a prominent downtown Kingston car company shirt and just didn’t look like the type,” she said.

The matter was reported to the Constant Spring Police Station. Her attacker was charged with unlawful wounding and destruction of property.

Bridgez, given name Bridgette Roache, is known for songs including Put it On Me, Distracted, and Roll Out, featuring her mentor Bounty Killer.



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